Remembering Each African Cemetery's History in NB

Our Mandate

To reverse the erasure of Black History in NB, and to locate, identify, preserve and record Black Graves in New Brunswick.

The Daughters of the Diaspora Bursary Series 

Our History

Telling the stories of our ancestors has been a life mission for our Executive Director.

In 2020, Dr. McCarthy Brandt defended her PhD dissertation, titled Segregated in Life and in Death, A Black Woman’s Critical Exploration and Narrative Account of Early African Descended Communities and Graveyards in New Brunswick.

After completion, Dr. McCarthy Brandt realised she had to continue her work, and the non-profit REACH in NB was formed.

How to Help


We welcome all volunteers!

To find out how you can help,
REACH out and contact us

Locating Forgotten Cemeteries

Do you know of any forgotten
Black cemeteries or graves?

If you do, we’d really like to know about them. 
Please email us and tell us about them.